Catamaran Rental In Ibiza: A Life Changing Experience

Enjoy a mind-blowing catamaran rental in Ibiza

Looking for Catamaran rental in Ibiza? We have got you covered!

We can’t imagine a better plan if you are on holiday in Ibiza than to rent a catamaran and spend a day touring the coves of Ibiza or even better sailing to the neighbor island of Formentera to discover its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

A sailing boat in Ibiza and Formentera is ideal to discover all the unique coves on these gorgeous islands and live a unique summer retreat.

The number of the boating charter companies is unlimited on the internet.  Those who provide a unique island experience are very few. If you are looking for over-the-top yacht outfitters that want to go beyond a simple inquiry and make sure that you live an experience of a lifetime; Charters Eleven are your people.

catamaran rental in the sea

Who are they?

Charters Eleven, a family owned business based in Ibiza,  offers private excursions for groups of up to 8 people on a beautiful owned Leopard 40 catamaran (12 meters long) with skipper and hostess to ensure you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying the day. Sailing in a new catamaran is one of the best vacations’ experiences that you may ever have! they are here to make sure that this will happen in the safest and most enjoyable stress-free possible way. they operate a small fleet and our first priority is to ensure quality and personal service!

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What is offered?

Two types of catamaran rental excursions are offered.

Full day excursion package, which lasts about 8 hours trip; the specific excursion will start 8 hours prior to sunset so you can enjoy the most of the island and of course not miss anything. .

Half day tour package which lasts about 4 hours ( half day); based on your vacation and activity schedule,  you have the possibility to choose between the morning or afternoon options.

Morning excursion which is from 10am till 2pm or  half day in the afternoon; starting four hours before sunset to enjoy this precious moment on board!


What to expect during the day on board?

Depending on the chosen itinerary,  you will start brilliantly the itinerary in one cove or another in Ibiza or even in Formentera; in case you may want to start the excursion in Formentera.

you will sail, discover beautiful coves of Ibiza, also islands of the numerous natural parks that surround Ibiza (the most famous is the imposing rock of Es Vedra), swimming in crystal clear waters, paddle surfing, snorkeling and to finish the day, what better than a beautiful sunset while sailing.

Catamaran charters

When it comes to catamaran rental in Ibiza, at Charters Eleven the client has always the choice and most importantly a voice! You will absolutely not be limited or restricted by any sort of flat non flexible itineraries or timetables. If you like a specific cove and you want to stay…you surly will stay to capture the moment.

Also, in case you may prefer to keep sailing and discover new spots…the captain will weigh anchor, hoist sail and sail along the beautiful coast of Ibiza and Formentera, after all the Sea is all yours!

water paddle ibiza

Catamaran rental: What is included in the price?

When reviewing different options price is key to make up your mind, that is why the family owned business in Ibiza, made sure that you get everything included in the price (No last minute surprises. All Inclusive.)  except food and drink.

Included are:

Paddle surf
Snorkelling equipment
Bluetooth speaker
Large cooler for you to refill with your drinks and ice.

Ibiza south west views

What itineraries are offered by Charters Eleven.

Our experience on the island allows us to offer many itineraries. We know the island like the back of our hand. 🙂 We can assure you that in Ibiza and Formentera, wherever you sail, it is always beautiful and offers spectacular corners.

If you want to know some of the itineraries this local company offers, you can click here




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