2019 Monaco yacht show: from the must-see to the must-experience

What is the Monaco Yacht Show?

The Monaco 2019 yacht show is just around the corner, hence, we couldn’t be more excited about one of the most important world’s leading superyacht events. Every year in September, the yachting industry turns its focus to the Monaco yacht show, an event that showcases the glamour of the superyacht world for industry influencers. Over the years, the show attracts industry professionals, award-winning yacht designers, luxury suppliers and key exhibitors to the glittering bay of Monaco.

It is the largest floating luxury yacht display in Europe of super and mega yachts. For the visitors, it is a great opportunity to discover the latest accomplishments in the world of superyachts along with the impressive spectacle devoted to the world of luxury yachting, a one-of-a-kind journey, a must-see and, equally, a must-experience.

What you actually need to know

The 29th edition of the Show will take place on 25 September and for four days Port Hercules will be a hub of activity, with over 100 superyachts in attendance for show-goers to admire. Representing the pinnacle of luxury, the MYS showcases over 125 superyachts built by the world’s most respected shipyards. Moreover, the show includes:

– The Quayside exhibition where over 500 exhibiting companies exhibit in a 15000 sqm area – The leading international yachting industry companies.

– The Floating Exhibition where more than 100 of the world’s finest 82 to 262 feet luxury yachts congregate.

– The Participants (over 26 000 people) featuring private individuals who are interested in new yacht models and yacht purchase, international yachting professionals and the actual participants – representing over 40 nationalities (Exhibitors & visitors).

Concerning the tickets, at the present time you can buy several types which are available for online purchase; Daily Pass is valid for a one-day visit to the MYS between 11am and 7.30pm on a day of your choice or the Visit and Lunch Pass which includes a Daily Pass to visit the Monaco Yacht Show and a champagne welcome, lunch at Horizon restaurant in the Upper Deck Lounge, and an exclusive Monaco Yacht Show gift.

These passes do not give access on board the superyachts as visits are upon request to the exhibitor of the yacht. Visitors can also purchase tickets on site at one of the three entrances of the Monaco Yacht Show during the opening hours 11am until 7:30pm. For further information on Monaco Yacht Show 2019 tickets and passes, please visit monacoyachtshow.com

Something for car lovers, too

Since 2016, Monaco yacht show has introduced Car Deck, an exhibition space to showcase luxury cars,  where well-thought-of automakers and niche brands of tailor-made and customised cars and motorbikes can meet up.

Getting to the show

Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular and quickest ways to travel to Monaco is by helicopter, which could be just what you’re looking for if planning an exclusive trip to the MYS. Monacair provides regular transfers between Monaco and Nice Airport in just 7 minutes.

You can also possibly get to the show by taking the train since Monaco’s train station connects with Nice’s main station, too, which provides a slightly more affordable option and of course, you can drive to the principality.



For further information , take a look at the yacht’s show layout 

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