The epitome of a luxury holiday

If you want to unveil some of the secrets that make the legendary village of St. Tropez, in the French Riviera, one of the world’s most desired destinations for luxury travelling, just read below and get ready for a super stylish, amazing holiday!

Getting there

Flying to St Tropez means that your destination will be either Nice or Marseille. From there you can choose to hire a car, as driving along the famous Cote d’Azur is a spectacular experience by itself. In any case the road trip wouldn’t take longer than 1,5 – 2 hours. There is also the equally amazing option of hiring a yacht in Nice or in Marseille and take a boat trip that would normally last around 2-3 hours. For arrivals by private jets or helicopters the best choice is local La Mole airport, only 17km from Saint Tropez.

Where to stay

From private, fully equipped and fully serviced villas to 5 star resorts and boutique hotels, St Tropez offers a large variety of places to stay, both in the picturesque center of the village or by one of the superb golden beaches with breathtaking view of the Mediterranean sea.  Among the most desired hotels are Byblos and Pan Dei Palace. If you’d vote for the less formal, hippie style though, which is a permanent trend in this beautiful place, you can always try small family run hotels –many with pools- that will seduce you with their relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Where to swim

The most famous and popular beach of St Tropez is the 3 mile long Pampelonne beach, visited by celebrities since 1955, when it was first made known by legendary French star Brigitte Bardot. When scheduling your swimming itinerary don’t forget to include other heavenly large and small beaches, like Plage de Tahiti, Nikki beach, Plage de la Bouillabaisse, Plage des Graniers, Plage des Salins or Les Jumeaux, which is a perfect choice if you have kids.

Gastronomy tips

St Tropez offers great options for an exclusive dining experience that must absolutely include seafood, washed down with icy champagne or white wine. One of the signature specialties of the island is the humble, super tasteful Bouillabaisse, a thick soup made of mainly small fish. It goes without saying that while in the region you should not miss its famous cheeses and wines; preferably together! Before dinner you can celebrate the beautiful sunset from Saint-Tropez port, by drinking a fancy cocktail in one of its fancy champagne bars. Later on you must definitely drop by one of Saint-Tropez notorious night clubs, like the Caves du Roy, or Club 55. After all, in Saint-Tropez the night is always young! Now you can enjoy your unique luxury holiday.





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